God Above All
Hillsong Music Australia

Verse 1:
You lifted the world into life
Out of the darkness came light
For Your glory the heavens sing out

You stretched out the sky from the land
As Earth found its shape in Your hand
All creation bows to Your name

With hearts as one You'll hear us singing

God above all
Perfect in all of Your ways
Worthy of all of all our praise
God You are

High above all
Greater than all we could know
You have called us by name
Forever Yours

Verse 2:
You purposed our lives before time
And crafted us to Your design
In Your freedom
We live for Your name

You marked out the course will take
By holding our steps to Your way
For Your calling we offer our lives

Love has made a way
Forever we are Yours
And You
Lifted up the shade from our eyes
Now we live for You