Prince Of Peace
Hillsong United

Prince Of Peace

My heart a storm
Clouds raging deep within
The prince of peace
Came bursting through the wind
The violent sky held its breath
And in your light I found rest

Tearing through the night
Riding on the storm
Staring down the fight
My eyes found yours
Shining like the sun
Striding through my fear
The prince of peace met me there

Hope like the sun
Light piercing through the dark
The prince of peace
Came and broke into my heart
The violent cross the empty grave
And in your light I found grace

(And my soul will know)
Your love surrounds me
When my thoughts wage war
When night screams terror
There your voice will roar
Come death or shadow
God I know your light
Will meet me there

(And my soul will know)
When fear comes knocking
There you'll be my guard
When day breeds trouble
There you'll hold my heart
Come storm or battle
God I know your peace
Will meet me there

Oh, be still my heart
I know that you are God
Oh, fear no evil
For I know you
Oh, be still my heart
And my soul will ever know
That you are God
And you heard my prayer