Too West Coast
Ice Cube

Too West Coast

My ego is big as Heatrow,
got this elite flow, easy as a free throw
yes this negro is rather lethal
you about as lethal as a mojito
be my amigo, eat my burrito
you're a fuckin seagull up in fransigo
im up in origo, still in my peecoat
murders what she wrote, this is more evil
this is less than zero, dont be a hero
nigga im a pharaohe, wit double barrels
goosebumps narrows, when i shoot these arrows
at your Camaro's, rollin down Melrose
still down wit L coast, till the fuckin cell close
nigga don't test me, you're gonna bail thos
ain't should arrest me, blow like Dizzy Gillespie
i don't aim, where your vest be

Im too hot, too stop
Walkin up with two glocks
Way more than two shots
That'll make your mood drop
House shoes, blue top
Money like I move rocks
This a world get you suck
And your bitch ???
Whole crew pop
By this old skool new shop
G niggas still keep my weed in the shoe box
Dippin, rollin through blocks, dippin while the tool pops
Eatin chicken dinners with my cut offs and tub socks
Play my shit a lot of DJs they do not
Cause me and bitch niggas dont mix like two cocks