Behold the powers unveiled
A call for death
Bearing bold banners of carnage
We march from hell
Sworn to annihilate & butcher
Storm with hate
This regiment commands intolerant death!

Bold & armed with venom
To devour & conquer all

Assorted weapons adorned
Barbaric & fierce
Demonic & soulless we descend
Upheaval of heathen destruction
Relentless is our course, to dominate!

Bold & armed with venom
To devour & conquer all

Dominator crosses bleed...
Dominator black majesty...
Dominator in praise of war...
Dominator of heresy...

Submit or surrender
Still you fucking die
No mercy no remorse
Infernal pleasure's mine
All set & ready
Obliterate at will
Countdown to holocaust
We praise the genocide!