Reverie: Aquarium

A raging storm insane
Dark skies & pouring rain
Stumbled & fell in pain into the ocean waves

This golden submarine in my aquarium
This cruel recurring dream of strange delirium

You won't be there when my heart stops beating
And you won't be there when my lungs stop breathing

I lay inside this pod
My slow demise is odd
In darkness, no escape
Life support slowly fades

Approach the atmosphere
Mercenaries appear
Their motives so unclear
What are they doing here?

There is a way
There is another
There comes a day
There leaves a lover
There is a pain
There is a cure
There is endless blame & shame
There is forgiveness so pure

And who knew I?d be the one in need of help?
Who knew I couldn?t save myself?
I?m sick of this air, I cannot breathe
This planet asylum I can?t flee