Blue Icicles

Well it’s my birthday and I’m here to stay
I’m not going back to any other year
But in the future tomorrow’s a new place
I’ll bend the world to my birthday
And you need a new song I’ll see you today
I want to bend the world to my birthday
I’m not done yet
The best part’s to come
I’ll bend my body to my will
God give me the strength to bend to my will
And keep my eyes so I can see
It is only two ways to go
Calm or steady
But if you stay I can’t
You’ve got to take my wing
Because I’m in charge of flight
If I take more than I need
You’ve got to relinquish your spirit
And die for me and in your death we’ll travel free
But I got to live so you can die in me
And we’re life and death traveling as me
You died in me and I am you
That’s how you find me
You come to me
And I’m waiting and explosion of red hot fire
But I got blue icicles to put you out
And you’ll let it out dead
And you fall out of life into me
I exploding (?)
Come on to this park and ride a piece of rock
As it moves through the air
You must keep reason underneath it all
I live for all
You live there too
You don’t need to be a force, just conquer life
And when you die you’re born again
And here I am in front of you
There’s so much better that I could be
I could carry my strength instead of leave it behind and hide
And keep it in a private place so you can’t see me
I can’t see you
And but I’m waiting
I know you’ll come through and when you do
We’ll come through too
If you talk to me don’t keep yourself away
The way to your heart is to let you follow me
I’d like to weave a spell and include you
I think I’ve got a surprise for you
And I know that I want you here with me
Don’t know who you are
Why did you
And granted there I was too
Backing up your choice
Let’s go there because I got you on my mind