My Own Way

I don't need a window
To see what's outside
I don't need to be out there
The walls and the stairs
And the thoughts that I have
Memories of you
I pray to God before I stare at the air
And things around
The place you made for me
Pulled through life's little things
Making sure I stay alive so I can talk to you
In my own way
I've got a continence
And I give it to you
What else does the time mean
It's established in the corner
I keep it there
Where it waiting, everlasting leans
The suspension is blighting
You don't weigh much at all
I can fly with you
There's not a secret to it
There's nothing to be
The structure that you live in
And it's captured in its galaxy
And I willfully oblige you
I want to do that
There's no need to compromise
Other things pass to end
Well let it be a slow death
On the road to liberty
I stopped to get off a vehicle
And found myself alone
But you kept me company
Oh, these days it's a maze ablaze
And the frightful praise
Of the moving pictures and bodies
I found a place to be with you