Mysteries of Existence

I could reconcile my habits with you
You accepted all that I was
I can do all the things super-logical
I focus my thoughts like a laser beam
But what is the objective
If I'm just defending myself
I have to be a human dynamo
And weave a spell on myself
With your reconciliation I don't need a defense
I can join the circles and triangles
I can be with crystal rainbows
Dancing the cross waltz
I'm happy with the blues and reds
The furniture and your clothes
A glint of sun and the dark of the night
As I turn to the left and turn to the right
I don't need a special challenge
The elemental things are just fine
And I'm going to the south and east
Or maybe up the northwest way
Surround my peripheries
With some different kind of menagerie
There's no sense bumping at the wooden door
Drink well, iron gates, river, grassy fields
Walking to and fro
Being here and there
Unfolding the mystery of existence