Part One

All the phone rings are alarming
It doesn't matter
I can't escape the weight of these days
Nothing is special
No bad things
Even good things
But it's a swamp I'm stuck in
And the boggy crevices and the steep banks
And all the difficult terrain
So why do I want to (signal?) ??? time
Why do I need to smash in the brain
I don't know
It keeps on and I watch the scope of the periphery
Hoping I don't have to do anything
Because I'm not up to it
Or for that matter
Not up to nothing as well
Take my mind
Take my life and give me yours
Even success is not success
Even failure is not failure
There's just this empty time I must persevere through
And what is at the other end of the moment
As if it mattered right now
Little joy pockets are hardly enough
I support the stretch of time
Keep busy of course
Struggle to survive of course
Whatever takes your idea of the abyss and postpones it
Because the unbearable state of affairs is unsustainable
You don't have to do anything
It's obvious I suppose
Jump into the fire and then respond to that place