There’s No Door

Open the door and go out
Space no bottom
No top
No right no left no direct ahead
It’s all a dream all air and space
No objects to be found
You can see but you can’t touch
Move move move move
Through what you can’t call time
If you’ll open the door and go in the door disappears
There’s no door
There’s nothing you can relate to
Only movement and images
So go
Go forth and take that step and leave what you know
To what you don’t know
Can never know
Because it’s there not there
It’s an empty space with images you make or befall but want
Need and love
That nothing place you see all around you it’s reality
Your life
Your only thought
Ride your emotion into that wave
Energy propels and the void carries you because you opened the door
And walked right in
Dropped off a cliff and can’t stop falling