Too Course

I’m sorry I must have appeared too coarse
And unrefined
I must have seemed like an animal
And a clumsy one too
But you had some endurance and so did I
The first time I saw you three years ago
I walked over to you and stood as close as I could
Without being overly obvious
You picked up on it and quickly swung my way
Your eyes said hello to me
And a whole lot of things came out of you
Don’t you think we should get to know each other
I never had time before
But now I look at time like nothing that ever stops
How did you find me
You acted up on me long before I was conscious of you
I had decided to only respond the way I want
Too many times
Sometimes I don’t open the door
Too many times, but I look out the window
Maybe I’ll see you there
I either know too much or not enough to answer that question