Jerry Lee Lewis

Well hello, Boogie Palace
I'm sittin' here alone
Listening to the music
Of electric saxophones

Now, there ain't no sexy dresses
And there ain't no beehive hair
Just boys who look like girls
Who look like boys, who look like Cher

I'm just a redneck In a Rock 'n' Roll bar
I miss the fiddle And a steel guitar
They're starin' at me
Like a bug in a jar
I'm just a redneck I
n a Rock 'n' Roll bar

I stopped in here to have a beer
To ask some gal to dance
But, I been waitin' patient now
And I ain't had the chance
'Cause they ain't played any walzes
Nothing like a Texas swing
And with no belly rubbin' music
How in the hell can I do my thing?


Well goodbye, Boogie Palace
I'm a gettin' outta here
Back to Country music
And back to Lone Star beer
Where the women look like women
And they dress so you can tell
And the men are good ol' boys
Just drinkin' beer and raisin' hell

refrain (3x)