Johnny Cash

Well I'm finally goin' back to Louisiana runnin' and thumbin' all the way
That started out the way out in California
I been makin' bout five hundred miles a day
I covered all the beaches on the west coast from Mexico Crason City Bay
But Calilou was not in California that's where her daddy came from by the way
And by the way her mother was a cajun
She came from New Orleans I've heard her say
And it's just like a girl to wanna see her mama
So I might find her there along the way
Calilou Calilou well they should have call you restless
Well they should have call you drifter
Yeah they should have call you trouble instead of Calilou

I reacall the first time that I saw her I picked her up near Phoenix in my car
Just another beauty seekin' fame and fortune
And I told her if she should be a movie star
The next time I saw her was Tucumcari she served my bowl of chilly with a smile
I said it's been a year since I last saw you
Wonder how'd you like to share a few good miles
Well the justice of the peace was very sleepy I held her in my arms a whole night long
I whispered words like settle down and family
And when I woke up my Calilou was gone
Calilou Calilou...
Calilou Calilou...
[ Rambler ]
It's a long way to New Orleans
[ Fisherman ]
Well I got plenty of time
[ Rambler ]
Me too you know it's lot of fun just seein' what the next day has to offer
You never know what round the next bend
[ Fisherman ]
Or what we're gonna find either
[ Rambler ]
Do you know what I just wonder how long a man has to look before he finds himself
I just got the feelin' that the fire was burnin' out
Cause the air was turnin' colder every time you came about
And a flame won't take a fannin' if the last reserve of love is runnin' low
So since I've gotta button up I believe I'll hit the road and go
Country road 6-40 state highway 45 life out of the interstate is very much alive
There's magic in the mountains and music in the valleys down below
And my song ain't through playin' yet so I believe I'll hit the road and go