I don't know where I'm at, or who I am
I'm being asked if I recognize certain places and faces, scriptures and diagrams
Evaluations, to see where my mind is
They said I'd understand in due time, but I don't know what time is
They bring a woman in, to visit me
And she descriptively begins to give to me, vivid periods of my history
I'm trying to figure out, who this could be
A mystery at all persistively, right now I don't even exist to me
She kisses me, like she been missing me
Then instantly the doctor gives her paper, with twenty words on a list to me
For hours, he tried to empower me
And out of the twenty nineteen I couldn't place, but one was jumping out at me
I don't feel crazy, I'm very sane
I'm trying to gain recollection, the doctor matches pictures up to every name
I try to concentrate to remember, but nothing comes
I overheard the doctor, tell the same lady I'm suffering from amnesia

[Hook: x2]
My world, ain't the same
Don't know who I am, I don't know my name
Can't remember my life, I can't remember my ways
Can't remember my nights, can't remember my days

Now, they bring me to a different bed
And hook me up to a machine, that gave it thoughts when they strapped it to your head
Was I a righteous man, or a evil dude
They judge my feelings to certain words, based on how fast the needle moves
My reactions, would diversify
The words they said sparked emotion, some made me laugh and others made me cry
The needle, jumped out at a crazy pace
And when he said the word from the list that he gave me, I saw the lady's face
They brought, a young child in
Who began to shed tears, until he looked into my eyes and started smiling
Like he was happy, that he found me
Something was familiar about the feeling, when he wrapped his arms around me
Listen something is coming back, I'm reminiscing
A distant memory of me and this child, but it was somebody missing
Where was this other person at
Part of this puzzle could be deciphered, or something could bring that person back
It's no mirrors, in this room I'm at
To prove this fact they handed me a picture of myself, and I asked em who is that
I start to drag, like I'm going mad
It was something making me feel hatred, for this picture even though I had amnesia

[Hook x2]

I tore the picture up, and then I screamed
The frustration of not knowing nothing, to nobody was just too extreme
Hopes that my memory, could be redeemed
I'm still struggling with the one word that seemed, to out shine the other nineteen
They strapped me down, like a wild man
The lady walked back in the room, with another female who held the child's hand
When I felt that presence, it calmed me
But as they swarmed me, the calm became a storm cause what they sung alarmed me
I heard the hate they spoke, with optics blurred
Telling me the reason I forgot them, and myself as I forgot the word
Right then I felt it, like a gust of wind
A voice said wake up, I heard clapping and I was on a stage with two other men
Opened my eyes, and realized G
A hypnotist had hypnotized another man, and at the same time hypnotized me
He said raise your arm, and hold it up
The other hypnotized man was the doctor, and in my hand the list was folded up
I opened it, wondering what can it be
It was the nineteen words from the fantasy, the list consists of friends and family
Yeah my mother wife and son, is who those people was
And the one word from the list, that seemed to stand out was the word love
Yeah, suppressed in my subconscience mind
Amnesia in this case is when love is in you, but you forget to show it all the time
Now back to normal, he's converting me
Said I wouldn't recall a thing, went back to my seat
and told Dope I told you it wouldn't work on me amnesia