Two Pages

Then it was said that a stranger would come and deliver words and dimensions
unattainable by the human mind
And indoctrinate human flow patterns that would transcend time
Now the hours upon us. The light is blinding to average sight
Thousands came from miles around just to sit and watch the young man write
sit and watch the young man write

New phrases that take you to new stages
Watch me massacre a million Emcees with two pages
Open my book and quantum leap through the ages
Watch me massacre a million emcees with two pages

They say the shortest distance between two points is a straight line
The longest journey between two minds is one of my rhymes
I expound Solomon's wisdom chronic or biblical
My words travel mathematical paths through land masses just to get to you
My cardiac holds what average men lack
They found a modem in my chest once they peeled my skin back
My brain stem is equivalent to a hand grenades pin
I toss thoughts in the wind; they hit crowds and explode inside men
I change prophecy, fast forward and intercepted hate
Navigated fate and kept it straight while in an narcoleptic state
Organs I liquidate, maniacal threats I matriculate
Words spoke at a backwards rate make spirits evacuate
I got killers aboard, come down on ya cynical hard
I'm conceived from thought, you was born with no umbilical cord
I exhaust myself, when I compose I hemorrhage and suffer
I write a paragraph and it takes me seven months to recover
I cause memory lapse to win before my enemy does
You don't exist, so I just make you forget who you never was
I dig cavities and savagely laugh at the war casualties
I spit fire by gargling acid from car batteries
I'm the enemy of anemone
I simultaneously stand at the beginning of time and at the end of infinity
Reveal lyrics that reduce your future descendants to remnants
I master calculus and dream interpretation as an infant
I'm mathematics I multiply and divide myself
I am the universe so I guess that I live inside myself
I spark a lecture, build word temples with lyrical architecture
My talk affects ya, I'll send venomous land sharks to get ya
The conception of my concept was immaculate
I'll skillfully implant myself inside of an atom without cracking it
I perfected prophetic rhetoric
I kill teams and release steam at a steal beam my lowest decibel severed it
I ain't gotta tap your phone once the conspiracy brought
I'll sneak a bug inside your brain and listen in on your thoughts
All my foes stated that verbally K was the most hated
I'll drop a spec of dust from an aircraft jump out and locate it
Place the torsos of my foes inside silicone molds
Miraculously, telepathically snap telephone polls
Paranormal elements, K-Rino's releasing them
Concentration levels increase till I'm communicating with paramecium
My pace is torrid, the moon could hit me and I'd absorb it
I just whisper and knock the earth out its whole ecliptic orbit
I do things in microseconds it takes weeks to do
See I'm the entity that speaks to your conscious before it speaks to you
I stand at a distance and deliver wisdom
I threw my voice in five directions, multi ventriloquism
I damage the inanimate with scandalous cinematic grammar that banishes
planets in your Army and single handedly handle it
Doctors tried to decipher my phrases for medication
But the language that I speak is thermo-nuclear-radiation
They call me flat line cause the tone of my voice never decease
My weakest thought weighs eleven tons at the least (at the least)

New phrases that take you to new stages
I just massacred a million Emcees with two pages
Open my book and quantum leap through the ages
I just massacred a million emcees with two pages