From This Day Forward (The League Of Tomorrow Battle Hymn)
Karate High School

Our faces are covered in blood from our broken bones
Standing in the front lines of the battle, all alone
We answer the call whether it comes from below or above,
in order to protect the ones we love
We don't see truth or justice but we'll hold on to the light we see
So, from this day forward you'll know,
from your head down to your toes, that you are a true hero
We don't want to be the ones to take you by the hand, but if no one else can,
This is a job for The League Of Tomorrow
Now the streets are covered in thick blue and black shadows
Holding close the secrets that they have that no one knows
A distant battle cry shoots across the sky like lightning
And while you sleep, we'll be the ones fighting
And it seemed so obvious then,
That every step I've taken has all led to this statement
This is a job for The League Of Tomorrow