The bachelorette
Karin Park

Humble and sweet, she walks down the street like a princess
looks out of the frame when I call her name and her senses
she is looking for a strong arm
someone who can tell her
Santa Claus is coming here to stay

She tells me she's a bachelorette
she doesn't look at me as a threat
she poses in a picture in the backseat
I´m driving her home
she teaches not to stare at the sun
remember to forget everyone
then she is gone

American smile, be sure that she is picking the right one
Her dress is a white one exposing the topic in her mind
We speak 'til I'm exhausted,
A modern way of crying
Ignorance is always on our side

she is just one of us,
with one of those plastic smiles that's gonna make it happen
we have to make it happen
a perfect world on television
desperate need for recognition
-somebody, love her
-somebody, come and love her