Instead of Saying Goodbye (Remix)
Lee Jung Hyun

Can all the words be like that?
Can't all the words in the world be said forever?
After saying that, maybe I'll cry
If I can't say it
If it is a fact
If, yes, the words do sound like that
Will you know that I know?
Will you turn away in tears?

When you leave me and turn to someone else
When you like being with someone else more than with me
Someday it'll be alright
Instead of saying goodbye
Smile a small smile for me

I hate having to listen to those words coming from your pretty lips
"I'm happy now, I'm sorry
Please understand that I'm with someone else."
Yes, I hate listening to those unpleasant words
My soul can't have any more pain
I love you so much
It seems that I want to run away from the break up

Do you want to break up with me or not?
The words "Let's break up" make me cry
It's so hard on me
It's not easy to listen to those words
When I hear them I cry more
I'm sure when you leave I'll have more problems
And more annoying is that you leave
Whatever you say, it's okay
Smile like that and leave