Jesus (English Version)

Jesus (English Version)

Unexpectable guest, friend from birth to death
Invading the space, of the entire human race
He shall rise from the underground
And nothing else is clear
All your enemies are here
And it sounds like fear

You sent caine to kill his brother
Rise lazarous and dig your grave

Infectious diseases, epidemic
Is the oh so called Christianity
So walk away
There are things that our eyes shall not see

Erratic Nature
Feelings of lost youth
Doors of paradise

Original sin
Marc of Caine
But don't you worry, in the name of Jesus

They say we're born from year flash

There are things, my boy, that are worse than death.

And hell, if you get there
And realize that there is no hope
Say hello, to the veterans
The priest, the chipper, and the pope.

Antagonism of the spirit
Science worst enemy
He never talked to me
I love the lord

Original sin
Marc of Caine
Don't you worry, Jesus, Jesus loves you all

Pain is just an alternative

Rather not to talk of this insanity