What's Wrong With Me?
Mario Winans

What's Wrong With Me?

[Verse 1]
Little tired i can't sleep what's wrong with me?
still in denial that you've been gone for weeks
now i know what i should've known right from the beginning
my heart was blind and now i'm man enough to admit it

I don't want to go another day bein without your love
(no i don't baby)
i've been listenin to my heart and now it's speakin bout love
(tell me why baby)
tell me why you always have to leave and take your love away
(you didn't have to do it baby)
now i realize you were the best for just a little too late baby

[Verse 2]
I shoulda trusted my instinct what's wrong with me?
thought i learned all my lessons but i didn't learn a thing
you once said that you couldn't take me where i was headed
i cried inside now i'm man enough to admit it


Now i miss you like a nigga should
miss you like a nigga should baby, baby
(repeat 3x)