Mother- Water, The Great Sea Wept
Mournful Congregation

Mother- Water, The Great Sea Wept

Mother - Water, she arose
She disappeared in the moon
Which had lifted her
Which had given her birth

Masquerading solemn beauty
As in a ray of the moon's light
Doth her pale skin gleam
As an orchid of the deepest seas

(So speak he weeping, and his lady mother heard him

As she sate in the sea-depths bside her aged sire.
Woth speed arose she from the grey sea, like a mist,

And sat her before the face of her weeping sun, and

Stroked him with her hand, and spoke and called on

His name "My child, why weepest thou? What sorrow

Hath entered into thy heart? Speak it forth, hide it

Not in thy mind, that both may know it.")