This Familiar Way
Nina Nastasia

You nearly have me singing like the loon
The wicked hour before the dawn arouses
With early rays that draw across my bridal bed

Always comes as a surprise
Always intruding much too soon
A grave alarm to pull us from the fever dream

And if I would I'd live alone
I never would and never will
And so it is that I return to him

Every day I tear a bit
From myself and from the one I love
And from the other one I love

And with each tear another stitch
There's always something new to fix
Till blazing flames burn it all to pitch

Through the wreckage, through the fall
Will I meet you this familiar way
Would I still keep you
Could I suffer you to stay

Through the blackened air and all
Will I meet you this familiar way
Will I still keep you
You must not ask me today