Progress Of Decadence

When we were born
A prompt world we found
Rules 'n' laws
In a big strong wall
In the name of progress - they say - so sure
We're going ahead
Don't call into question - accept - this way
Just think as i think

But i lost my hope and faith
Because i learned
Among the hunger and misery
So many wars..... why ?
I'm going to tell you about


Progress of decadence
Spreading the hate
Discharge of our aggression
Instinctive action
Primitive end

Opposite sites
Of the same coin
Rising together
In a dangerous game
Social disaster - moral - decay - destruction of it all
Wait for the right time - to show - the face of hypocrisy

You fucking money cannot save
The failed men
You can try but you can't get
Away from your fate... why ?
I'm gonna tell you about