Who Cares?

Who Cares?

Who cares?
You said something
But I'm not listening
My who world is caving in

I'm on a plane in three days
A date with the devil
My fate holds
I can't keep my feet on the ground

I know better
But mind and soul severed
Ties long ago

Now I don't fear what I might do
But what I won't

Who cares?
My house is on fire
Loved ones gone missing
And you need help getting out of bed

On and on you go again
Same cross and crown of thorns you've had
Since we were young
Must be hard moving on

Assholes accept fate as predetermined
But I propose our destiny is decided
By a never-ending game of consequences
And I'm too tired to play

But what about you?
I don't know
What you stand to gain
Might not be enough

But what you might lose