The Party
Patti Page

The Party

Gayety often found its way into my tower
Night after night it was filled with happy people
Thin happy people
Tall happy people
Short happy people
Old and young

Many races from many places
My tower was filled with nice neighbourly sounds
Phones ringing,knocks on the door
Many conversations competing madly for attention
And he heart warming sound of people laughing out loud
We talked mostly about New York
The concerts we had attended (the humidity)
The plays we had seen (the humidity)
The musicals on broadway and (the humidity)

We had artists
We had business men
We had musicians and we had a wonderful waiter,a waiter named Noah
Noah,Noah,where is Noah,where is Noah
Here comes Noah now
Empty the astrays
Get out some ice
'Cause we're having the party and the people are nice
Clear off the table
Orders us some chow
'Cause we´re having the party right now