Pavlov's Dog

(shoot, remy, shoot!)
walk down the street and don't say a thing
cos i don't look like your typical J.A.P.
and my skin is not dark enough for you
to start pointing racist fingers in my face

am i jewish enough to be your enemy
am i white enough to be your friend
am i quiet enough to be either
i don't wanna be either

and you wanna blame me for everything
that wasn't handed to you on a silver platter
saying i have all the money in the world
i control your hate yeah and i control you fears and


don't have the balls to say it to my face
i wanna see you walk down to 18th and Christian
wearing a swastika 'round your coward white neck
see how cool you are behind enemy lines


(this is about how nazi's are nice to me cos i look like a good lil white girl and then they find out i'm jewish.... assholes