Phil Joel


Life is fragile
Everybody breaks so easy
Life is fragile
No one is immune

In the long run
Everyone must take their turn
With this lesson we don't wanna take
But all have to learn

And I'll stay here with you
Knowing that Jesus is here
To carry us through
And all through the night
I'll stay by your side
Until the morning appears
And sun and moon collide
He'll carry us through

Time betrays us
And our minds they try to enslave us
But there remains none the less
Perfect hope that will lead us to rest
Perfect rest

I don't know where to begin
I've been thinking about you since
This began
Everyday, it's the same
Such bitter sweet emotions
Like tears in the ocean
Prayers of praise then those
Tears of rage
I'm calling out to you Lord
Is this a testing of my faith
Still all I know is You're in control