Spit Flames
Raekwon The Chef

[Intro: Raekwon]
Drink to this nigga
Yo, what's your record company lord? (Gladiators)
Keep it straight.. straight up
Game time

[movie samples]
"I don't know what you doin' out there on the street"
"I'm gonna kick your ass!"

Wallabee encounters, yo we from New York we never bounce son
We carry cage ways, straight up and don't get down son
Supposed to have blow out and pound son
Ten rastas had masses, fly Nikes, splashes and Porsche glasses
Singles leather opponent, straight from the street baby
Polo jacket, baseball hat matchin' lookin' froze, dumb, unusual
I'm lyin', face the music boo, pendelum loops and swoops
Shells ain't nuttin' to conceal ya fool
I'm young but mostly swift from blunted
Think like chess, drink, note languages blessed
I'm from and era where niggas'll get caught for leathers
Shots are hollerin', hung knees up supportin' the weather
Who the xxxx gots mines? Bringin' like Duran with Ross
Bet all y'all niggas are dyin' in cars
Fuckin' with me? It's like luxury
Flow like water in and out of doors, dare a nigga xxxx wit' me

[Chorus x2: Polite doing reggae]
Eh, nah test this boy, spit fire
He got a sound like lightnin' and thunder
Eh, nah test this boy, spit fire
Honey bad sound boy test he get murdered

Yo, beat Gods, +Sneakers+ look decent and he hard
Feel my giants, sway down, big pieces on yo
The bringers I flooded with more dough
Feel my effect, Lex get busy, wheel his own check now blow
Mountains get bagged, I'd rather count and just grag
Slap on crabs, Jags in the snow
Feelin' leather Khuzis and Uzis
Movies that bein' produced like rubees
One of the illest gaters salute me yo
Drive borrowed connects
Bought out Manhatten wit' cheques
Man I miss you, bank's next
Finger paintin' low like one of the Saints
Jim down, all white minks lookin' like 10 thou'
Staten Island Gotti, gats, we ain't leavin' without it
Take this here, you need cops, you ain't 'bout to stay in there
Get popped and the violence in rare
I can take care of yours, you take care of there's

[Hook: Polite]
Word is out, other rappers usin' their clout
Your hands ain't dipped no more, you just pissin' me off
From a jurisdiction where niggas come up missin' rides, get housed right
Niggas even battle for bitches
And their game is to get yours, ride through the zors
You sure? Suggest you're wise to se what time it is Lord
The plane ain't the same, the game kinda weakened your name
What you better do is +Spit Flames+

Chorus x2

[Polite doing reggae]
We spit fire, yeah it's on and nah testin' up the wrist
Me nah have to touch in my wrist, son me have to push to waste
And all the boy spit fire, me lick a shot to retire
So them can not move no further
I spit fire, then me call Ghostface Killah
Tell him that me just start to murder
Me spit fire, then me call Raekwon the Chef
Tell the boy run for the lawyer
Don't test this fire


[Outro: Raekwon]
"The first thing what we gotta do man
is know what we gonna do with this +CREAM+ when we get it
I'm not tryna just be.. sitting on motherfuckin' 200 thou'
and actin' like I'm just gonna be a.. a drug dealer all my life son
I got bigger and better plans yo" -> Raekwon from "Striving for Perfection"
Take that to the bank nigga