Wild Out
Raekwon The Chef

[Intro: Raekwon]
There I go... pullin' more CREAM
Fuck with this boy... there... I go...

Burners excite the hype, baby
I throw a verse when it come through mics, Nikes 8 and 1/2
Steam baths, pullin' more CREAM, got mask, jeans on
Lookin' like I want freedom in cash
Meet the mean, hash the hit, aqua color Beemer
With the mean hat, with green and red all in the back of it
Roll up, big money, we ain't laughin', dick
Wit that bread on us, we gon' clap some shit
Blasted, livin' off the lime light, smash that elastic shit
I blow stacks, master sips, yo
Jump out, thrash ya whip, my shit'll dust your seven
Bring it back and let the dash get dipped
Talk real harder, word to my son, plus Jimmy Carter
Just hand me them drugs, give me them revolvers
We some mean fathers (that's right)
Yo, stadium pack this muthafucka out
Give 'em all the hard shit

[Chorus 2X: Polite, Raekwon]
Wild out, shots gon' pop if you style out
Catch me on the foul route, givin' it the loud mouth
Ball til we fall, never gonna foul it
We about to wild out, nigga, style out! nigga, style out!

Black rain, New Balan', the silent on the Island on the lid-ow
All we know, is wine bottles and gallons
Pull up, that's some talent, extra villains with more money
Four honeys left me, with forty thousand
It's nothin', pull up and rode somethin', let me hold somethin'
Cadillac down, we ain't even gold frontin'
Go paint the globe or somethin', wrote me somethin'
I need the Todd Woods xxxx with the gold buttons
Niggas know so much but know nothin', I fix the flow stuntin'
Take your head off, I'm goin' huntin'
You ain't doin' nothin', what, let the war begin
Get up, and act like you wanna get cut
And I tear this xxxx off the meat rack, heat pack
About a thousand in my league, delete that
We takin' over the streets, black
Aiyo, from me and family, how you gonna beat that?

[Chorus 2X]

Don Vincible, rhymes are gem star
All heads official, some got time off of principal
You see me, raps available, smash any math then
Sail a little, get my honey and move
I like cooked food, can't be raw, though
His ear's awful, twist where we want to
This where we want, yo, make it thump, yo, kid
Polly with me, pa, I guarantee you nothin' but more flow
I've been one to travel the globe
Never been the one to get herbed out, scramble and blow
Live forever, yo, never get old, what
And keep gettin' it, make sure the record is told, but what?

[Chorus 2X]