Teddy Bear Hug

Teddy Bear Hug

(F) If you?re looking for a buddy with a hug to share,
And everybody around is too busy to care,

(B) Don?t you fuss and worry, don?t you run and hide
under the (F) rug,

(B) You go and find your teddy and give that bear a
great, big, (F) hug;

Teddy (B) Bear Hug
When you really need it
Teddy (F) Bear Hug
Carry something furry
Teddy (G7) Bear Hug
Teddy?s always ready with a (G) bear hug just for you-

(F) There are big bears and small bears, short bears
and tall bears,
Momma bears and papa bears too-oo-oo!
(B) There are brown bears and white bears, day bears
and ni-ight bears, (F)
(C) Fuzzy bears and wuzzy bears, (B) All with a cuddle
for (F) you;


(B) Teddy Bear Hug, (F) Teddy Bear Hug, (G7) Teddy Bear
Hug; (G) [repeat]