Sorezore no Erejii (translation)
Sailor Moon

"Usagi, please love us..."

We were born to love you
Do you understand that now?

Because inside of you we will live on

Because I shared love with you, I existed
Without you
I can't be myself

Our lives were devoted to you long ago

Don't leave me behind, it's unbearable
I can't live if I'm alone

The approaching time has come
Destiny is coming to meet us

If the only one to live is you
Then we.....inside you...

"Princess...can you hear me?"

Standing still at the edge of time
Endless and solitary, that was my destiny
Because I was able to meet you, I understood love
Even if this universe disappears, love is eternal

You who protected me with a strong love
and let me take advantage of it

Everyone, even though from now on
I wanted to love you more