It's the same old story time and time again
I listen for a while, than I do my own thing
Lessons come and go like water through my hands
Such a sweet intention but it always end

It's like I'm missing out
On what life's all about
But it's beyond a doubt

It's undeniable, so incredible
It's unfathomable how faithful You are
It's unbelievable, so inconceivable
When I'm not who You want me to be
You still see the best in me

It's when I'm at my worst that You're at Your best
Still chasing the whole world, but You've got one request
Help me now to see that You're the one true love
The God who knows my name, with You I overcome

The feeling like I'm missing out
On what's life all about
It's beyond a doubt


And it feels like sunshine crashing through the night
Waking something deep inside
It's like the morning dew when Your mercy is new
It's like breathing for the first time


So unbelievable