Hear My God (Shma Elohai)
Sarit Hadad

Hear My God (Shma Elohai)

When the heart cries
Only god hears
The pain rises out of the soul
A man falls down before he sinks down
With a little prayer (he) cuts the silence

Shma (hear) israel my god,
You're the omnipotent
You gave me my life,
You gave me everything

In my eyes a tear,
The heart cries quietly
And when the heart is quiet,
The soul screams

Shma (hear) israel my god,
Now i am alone
Make me strong my god;
Make it that i won't be afraid

The pain is big,
And there's no where to run away
End it because i can't take it anymore
(make the end of it because i have no more energy left within me)

When the heart cries,
Time stands still
All of a sudden, the man sees his entire life
He doesn't want to go to the unknown
He cries to his god right before a big fall