Act Your Rage
Sick Of It All

Act Your Rage

I see it there in your eyes,
There behind all the worry
Dreaming of glory days
Left far behind
Force it down,
Locked it away
Or maybe
You got bored with it
Or maybe
You never had it in you from the start

Act your rage
Now you come round
Looking down at what all we're doing
Speaking of golden years
Of days gone by
Look at you all
"82" Vintage hoodie,
Vintage sneakers,
An overpriced t-shirt
Of a straight edge band that sucked

Act your rage
We all have commitments of our own
But we still feel this deep in our souls
You have to find a balance
To keep your self sane
Don't just be nostalgic come act your rage
Don't be the one stuck in the past
The golden moments now
So pull your head out your ass
So act your fucking rage