Potential For A Fall
Sick Of It All

Heres another tale, a replay of societys failures
out for ourselves, bred to consume in pursuit of
and the ones in charge, once secure show disregard
for future generations who must endure whats left
no compassion, no caution, no forethought
potential for a fall
no forethought, no vision, no future
potential for a fall
go about our lives as we turn a blind eye
as long as i get mine
potential for a fall
submissive, complacent, sit back and let it slip away
just cant seem to hold it together
and yet we continue with the charade of being
as we get spoon-fed, kept in check by the latest
are we that shallow? is getting your groove on all
that matters?
im not asking you to bleed but show consideration
sit back and let it slip away
we cant seem to hold it together we cant seem to get
it right