The Wall Built Inside Us
Siege of Hate

Who am I?
What is right?
Who do I have to be?
My life divided
A hundred separated worlds to live
Being something just because
It's the way it must be
Should I follow my dreams
Or just live as it is?
More and more we live confined
By these walls we have built inside
What is freedom?
What is true life?
What is for real?
As time passes by
Courage gets weakened
More and more limited by fear
Of jumping higher, of getting free
Our everyday life misleads and kills
And when we realise it's too late
Life is gone and we got stuck
In a prison of walls built inside
Fear of life
How to know what's out there
If you don't come out and find?
We want everything at once
But don't know exactly what
I try to find some answers
But how can I say
What is wrong or right?
No fear of consequences
We must live what is to be lived
Seize the moment, trust yourself
Because without our present
The future is dead
Rise up, free your mind
Break these walls
Enjoy your life and grind!