Hate Me More Than Anything

* hate me more than anything
ooh la la
where did we go wrong
oh where
I'll hate you more than anything
broken heart
I don't want it
don't want it

that's not my name
you better watch
what you're doing
when you're with me

don't make a fool of me
already you must know
where we're goin' to

you brought out the best in me
I don't know where we went wrong
[don't know where we went wrong]
still remains vividly things we did
[could I forget you]
I don't know how I'll forget you

* repeat

did you betray me
did you cheat on me
do we go our separate ways

how innocent we were
we've seen the falling stars
in the middle of nowhere

like the leaves shaking back and forth
I'm undecided and I waver
[undecided and I waver]
though I didn't wanna walk away
[something went wrong]
it's obvious something went wrong

* repeat twice

lovin' you hurts me so bad
why did I tell you such a thing
I shouldn't have thought
you should've hated me
but I can't
I can't stop thinkin' of it
[thinkin' of it]
[thinkin' of it]
can't stop thinkin' of it

* repeat

we'll never fall in love again
I won't see your face anymore
we'll never fall in love again
I don't wanna see your face anymore