Hazy Daisy

* I'm so sleepy
my sight is hazy
where is the daisy for me
I'm not skinny
my hair can't be curly
what is the daisy for me

it's Sunday afternoon
it's warm outside
my daisies are in bloom
they're pink, red and white
they're so pretty oh pretty
and they're so fine

I'm still in my bed
I'm reading the book of flower language
daisy means peace and hope
well its name comes from "day's eye"
mm I can become a professor x2

* repeat x2

I have a plan to get my hair cut
and get it curl
though I fail everytime
how much money did I spend
I just want to become a beauty
mm want to become a beauty

to know the daisy
I look through my drawer
I read my diary again
nearly get it but it's still hazy
I need some more time to spend

* repeat