Let it be alive

* let it be alive
don't let it die
keep it warm in
your passion
you know what I mean
you will make it
let it be alive

* repeat

I'll tell you what I'm singing about
it's all about you
it could be me
cause we both are humans

when I feel like I'm dying inside
I'll do nothing but cry
or I will write out what I'm feeling

each of us has the ways
to stand up against hard ways
so we can carry on

when you can't have drive enough
it's hard to believe you carry on

but your body, your mind and your soul
are still with you so you will live

* repeat twice

if there weren't bad things at all
you couldn't be aware
that all the good things you got were there

you can't hide your feelings
now let me be your best friend
so we can get the strength

when you become weak inside
sing those lines I taught you

then your body, your mind and your soul
will lighten up
now sing

* repeat x4

oh don't let it die
oh don't let it die