At The Stroke Of Midnight Gently
Sopor Aeternus

If the face of Love is like that of a clock,
then its little Hand is represented by a Cock.
At the stroke of midnight then,
if you catch my drift,
he arrived at the fabulous Cruising-ground,
'cause one of the guys... well... he gave him a Lift.
Scott, my goodness, in fishnet, is such a Heart-warming sight:
A Butch Queen walks for the first time in drag tonight.
He's like a new-born child, despite the ancient Ghosts in Tow.
Oh, blessed be the wonders that a wig and Eye-Shadow can do...

If the face of Love is like that of a Clock,
then it's (hopefully medium-size) little Hand...- Eh, been there: it's a
Gently comes the Midnight stroke, sometimes given, sometimes bought.
The saddest thing of all the lot is that fleeting Ghost of Lust...