The Devils' s Instrument.
Sopor Aeternus

Thoughts are spinning threats
transforming us to marionettes
everything is pain
and the Devil holds us in his hands.
Buried desesperately in my chest
a rose for myself and a rose for the dead
a serenade of tears, liflessly
we feel the beat
though no orchestra is to be seen....
I am you, I am you - you are me
What am I, what are you - who are we
What is truth and what is lie
Who are you and who am I?
In a cradle of mercy we are sleeping
the half-sleep of oblivion
no holy water could wash away our faults
nor benedictions purify our souls.
The gates remain locked
for the Wingless Children of Wrath
so long ago splintered and trodden down,
us children of glass...
Please my Lord extinguish the light
the illumination hurts my eyes
my choice was wrong, so wrong
(I am your slave)
truelly everything is pain...
We are dancing with wolves
and we are singing with the dead
soon we'll be gone and you're left
the instrument....