Soulja Boy


Diamonds erywhere, diamonds erywhere
Even in my chandelier
Diamonds erywhere, diamonds erywhere
Diamonds erywhere

Step in the club, poppin bottles, everybody showing love
They say that I?m the one, I know that I?m that nigga
Know that I be poppin all these bands, 7 figures
8 Figure nigga, I see a real nigga when I look in the mirror
I got diamonds erywhere, I got money erywhere
I got cash erywhere, I got bands erywhere
I got swag erywhere, scarface the Bentley coupe
Red out and I?m pulling up
Erythang new, I need erythang new
Erythang on, I don?t hit a pimp on my motherfucking phone
Trapping out the blackberry, I?m going crazy
Got the girls kicking...she know I?m paid
It?s ain?t nothing tell I?m great, swagging all day
Walk inside the mall, walk inside the bank
Trapping out the blackberry,
Walk inside the bank, I throw it
Money I throw it, already know it

Tell you I?m trapping out the blackberry,
Trapping out the blackberry,
Trapping out the blackberry,
Trapping out the blackberry,
I done made a mill off the blackberry
I done made a mill on the blackberry
I done made a mill off the blackberry
Trapping out the blackberry,
Trapping out my blackberry,
I done made 50 on my blackberry
Wrote a lot of hits on my blackberry
Hit a lot of licks off my blackberry
Took a lot of trips with my blackberry
Erybody know soulja keep that ice
If she fuck with me she know that I could change her life
See these niggas broke, see these niggas broke
On top the Bentley coup
Yeah they say that I?m cold, my chain and my stones
Customize my stones
Louie and the fendi and my Gucci and cologne
You be rocking with lil dre for the 4
True style on anything
My like a hunned k
I made a lot of cash on the road
Swagged out, travel across the globe
Pants hanging off a nigga while I gotta ball
Walk inside the mall look, soulja boy gonna buy it all
Welcome to my world, girls going crazy
Soulja going crazy, drop top Mercedes
50 K in my pocket, my chain looking like it?s frozen
You know I?m flexing on these hoes.