Cash Swag
Soulja Boy

Cash Swag

I get cash, I get cash, get cash, making cash
Making cash, and I'm getting cash

Young niggas swag, I'm gettin cash
Everyday swag
When I'm counting cash
Stacking up cash, and I'm gettin cash
Got a lot of cash, put it in a trash bag
Turn up
Yeah I got cash, stack a lot of cash
Hustle for that cash, grind hard for that cash
Grind for that cash, and I'm stacking cash
Yeah I'm getting cash, put it in a cash bag
When I got cash, girl say she want me
I'm turnt up, I'm getting money
So I'm stacking cash, yeah I'm getting cash
When I stack cash, nigga swag
Pull it up, now you know I'm popping tags
Grind hard, you heard what I said
Blunt after blunt, got us high as hell
On high hell, young nigga roll
Rolex on my wrist, on a nigga grind
Gotta grind hard, and I grind hard
Yeah I grind for the cash, stacking up cash
SODMG, put my picture on Instagram

Stacking up that cash, grinding up that cash
All that cash, stacking all that cash
Grinding for that cash
Grind hard for that cash
Hopping out the car, young nigga swag
Out of this money, man I'm popping tags
Walk up in a Gucci store, I need Louie bags
I'm getting money fast, blowing money fast
LV on my belt, Gucci on my head
Chain on my neck cost a arm and leg
Cuban link with the diamonds sitting on my wrist
Young nigga can't swag something like this
Yeah that cost money, baby that on cash
Got your girl on me
She say I don't trend it, I say that I'm winning
Young nigga winning
I be getting money
Y'all ain't even getting it
She want me to pivvle, I just be flippin
I just be dippin on my ice got me glistenin
Young nigga listen, grind hard for cash
Westside my city, I be swagging popping tags
Young nigga be, young nigga swag
Stacking up cash, got a lot of cash
Pop a lot of tags, I got a lot of cash
I grind hard, grind for that cash
Yeah I got cash, young nigga swag
Stacking up cash, everybody do
All this fucking cash, young nigga swag
Man I'm stacking cash, grind hard for that cash

Grind for the cash
Grind hard for that cash, for that cash
Grind hard