Soulja Boy


Man we do this shit the long way blowing on the dope
The strong way, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder, harder

Man I know that I'm the shit
Cause these niggas be playing
My flow, my trap, my beats, my rap
Harder, harder, hard hard and hardest
Pull up in that black thing I'm looking like a goblin
Man these niggas out here stunting
Niggas out here flexing ain't really getting money

Man we do this shit the long way
Pull up in a bentley it's kush up in the ashtray
I be swaggin' on a bad day
Pull up in that black thang like I'm the man mayne
Interscope came and signed me
1 Mill on the contract don't need to remind me

Man I'm back up on my rap shit
Posted up in my black jaguar on some trap shit
Man my niggas on some real shit
My solders on this battle field, on some kill shit
I fuck around and hit the kill switch
Shooting like call of duty, with my real bitch
I swear to God that we hit licks

One day one night, I'm talking six trips
I'm an artist in the making man
I'm a masterpiece walking in a living man
I be stunting like a ceiling fan
Going in the circle and I'm killing them

They be like, "soulja boy we waiting man"
I be on the block with the nation man
This is what I do my dog
I'm on the block and I gotta stack it all
This what I'm really in
Stacking up my money and my dividends
For real man I've been the man
Posted on the block with the activist
Niggas know it's happening
This ain't no warrant even bruh this a statue dig
Focused with my main chick
Doing what I want to entertainment
And I am flexing
My beat go so hard on my necklace

In the hood I check in
Cash out on a chicken
Pull up in a bentley
Niggas think they really flexing
I pull up drop top, I'm flexing
Ain't no reason man I'm on it
I'm smoking kush and I'm living in the moment
Pull up what the move is
Make a movie stunting in jacuzzis
Real talk I'm on deck
6 Pounds of kush got me rolling
Pull up to the block rims slow man
This just what I do dog
I go so hard I'm off the loose dog
I pull up and I'm like "screw y'all"
I'm on tv and I'm on that screw dog

Call me soulja boy beezy
Or call me soulja beezy
I post up making it happen man
Running across the train tracks
Smoking on that main shit I be sipping
Sipping on that acti'
Pull up in a muthafucking taxi
Posted hard with the block doe
Sod man my block getting hot ho
Niggas flexing they don't want to
I'm on the block getting money with my partners
We at the table eating lobster
I'm smoked out leaned out and I'm popping
Niggas talking bout "he dropping"

I don't give a fuck about them because they flopping
All my gangster shit be popping
I'm on the stage 30 racks for the option
60 Racks just so mandatory
Coming and I'm swinging like I'm madden tory
This shit been going in my inventory
I've been going ham
Stacking at the top man
Getting all this muthafucking guowp man
I hit the block I'm looking like, "hi hater"
30 Million dollars and a skyscraper