Soulja Boy

Flexin, on 'em 28
Call me Soulja Boy, bitch I've been gettin K
I got that Scarface mansion by saltiest lake
I'm drop top in my lambo cause I'm heavyweight
Drop my top, I roll a hundred cause I'm MC Hammer
I took yo main bitch and I slammed her down in Alabama
No homo, I'm riding solo with my nigga AntonioSOD
A hundred on my chest, I make this shit look so damn easy

Dre, iced out chain
Errbody know I got 5 on my plate
Everywhere I go, bitch I rhyme to the eighth
2011, bugatti without no brakes yeah

And I came in hard
4 ice chains in that clean white car
Young Soulja Boy, I done swag so clean
8 ice chains sitting in my limousine