I Love My Fans
Soulja Boy

i said the boy so mother fucking reckless,
snatched the .. straight form the?
?zone 1, simpson street,
niggers know we can get the beat!
get it on these days, niggers know that i?m on,
niggers know that i?m the king on my god damn throne!
seeing on my fucking mansion, ? with a thirty inch screen plasma.
avatar ass niggers, cause i see you blue in the face,
yeah, bitch i see you lose to the case!
bitch ass nigger, you just not catching enough cocaine,
it?s sod money, game like the shit is the same,
i spit fire flames when i get to the track,
you nigger is bitches, is bitches that?s a matter of fact!
pussy, ya all niggers i ain?t really seeing the?
.. i got spears on the microphone,
i let niggers have it, chance.. the beast magic.
i still do the shit in traffic, an still let the ?
on a battle field me and my?
we?re so crispy cream and we?
uh, and i?mma flip like gymnastics,
ya all nigger too fake, ya all remind me of plastic.
i was ?plastic, with all that acid
to spin flame on the track, just to let them have it,
i got questions that ain?t got no answers,
i got ?tell me why can we all liv our life,
i smoke weed and? fuck your wife, nigger!
i hate mother fucker fake trances,
nigger sweat it down ?till this shit gonna melt.
your pussy ass nigger, use a bitch yourself,
you know who i?m gonna talk about, you ain?t gotta say names,
i just... switch too lame.
i just hit a blonde under the a ?
but when i listen to you, i don?t hear no?
all i hear is a lot of bullshit on the?
but i?m a real ass nigger, getting here in these streets.
one million in the day, we will never get that,
i make history look bitch
and you can bring cash?
i remember last year..
but i?m ..with the fears, ?till i fuck him?
i?mma make you feel him!
look, my name is soldier boy, but i?m a soldier man,
real shit, i?ll be leaning like a kick stand?.
and my young nigger ?
yeah, spinning like a ?
see the? still spinning,
see the sod teams still winning,
..to the haters, you are still? but i know you all hear me,
and i know you all fear me!
pussy, i wanna do what i do,
and if i do what i do it, that?s why i move with my crew
and ya all can move? i move?
i swear my click is the best!
i know you heard the best, i know ?
i was moving so?
real nigger got my back, other rap gang slap me,
now my shit is all proper, i?m so sick, need a doctor,
i swear i?m?
..niggers my sons, i don?t need?
pussy ass niggers hang on the click,
but is ?money gang, that?s so mother fucker shit!
now i?m gonna rap it till i?m?
i?ll put that shit on?
..soldier boy, bitch, mother fucker i?m back!
and i?m never ?nigger, i just gotta get it straight!
sod money gang? in the seif!
if a nigger won?t? i might ?
but i?ma spit the real shit,
let the fans real shit,
let them decide who?s the best,
i put my heart and my lyrics on these fucking tracks.
now i?mma start killing rappers when i hit the?
.. i?mma tear them apart, and now my cars is at ?
and everything i get on stage my people screaming my name,
my worst song?
i never quit, i never real forget
where the fuck i came from, ?
day 1, i got love for ya all, and that?s real talk!...
..burn it to you cd, ..
i?m on the ground, ?
i put it down for ya all, i put it down for ya all,
i love all my fans!