I'm Ballin'
Soulja Boy

whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa! whoa!
(soulja boy tell em,swish!)
im ballin' (im ballin') x3

im ballin' mvp baller of the year x2
im ballin' (im ballin') x3 ok!

[verse 1]
im puttin' up points like an NBA player
in my city you can call me the mayor
im ballin' (im ballin')
you can catch me in the air
my jump shot got me shootin' 3 from wayy over there
we gettin' money over here,sod deliveral
game in the chokel (chokel) just like eddie derrearal
im on another level (level) my click so thrilral (thiral)
my butt so wellow (wellow) my ice so yellow (yellow)

im ballin' mvp baller of the year x2
im ballin' (im ballin') x4 ok!

[verse 2]
drop top rewireless (wireless)
did you see the trums? (trums)
pass me the winne (winne) and watch me slam dunk
dont capare me to him (no)
i think he worth it
you cant ball hard as me in my sod jersey
fans in the stand (stand)
speakers goin' ham (ham)
sprinkels shine as we i think i blew 300 grans
catch me if you can (can)
im faster than the cheater
im ballin' with the money
i see you when i see you


[verse 3]
shake the haters off (shake em)
lanes get up on me
soulja boy aint got no money bitch wake up
and smell the coffee
im comin' thru your speakers (speakers)
dont i sound good?
shirt off showin' tats
in the club throwin' stacks (rats!)
im ballin' so hard (hard)
im livin' so large (large)
remote control chain and my diamond im a star
swag outerspace,im takin' off like a rocket
you ball harder,we ball the hardest