Let's Be Real
Soulja Boy

Jumpin' off the roof
God damn wheres my parachute
Pretty boy goons
All we know is money & the loot
40 on my troop
80 drop top im on the loose
Fuck the fbi & fuck all the army troops
Fightin' for what bitch be your own man
I be flying through the clouds
With green like im peter pan
I be so damn high
Man you dont understand
I just talk to god today
I said give me another chance
So im back in the hood
& im trying to flip the bands
I done put the devils cup
& pour up the kickstand
Now the hoes on my dick
Cause the tat's on my hand
& my hand the grip & whip
Behind da 2012 van
Mane i pull up in the truck
& my goons duffed up
Got the bricks & the kush
In the loud pat what
Mane you know whats goin' down
When i pull up in the drop
& every body on me
Cuz da album just drop
Mane da juice mixtape
Got the hood on fire
Im keep hittin' licks
Till my young ass retire
& im posted in the back of the koop
Im on fire
If ay nigga think he got me
He's a got damn lie
& im posted on wall
Like a got damn fly
Imma young pretty goon
You can see it in my eye
I done hit 20 lick
& i cant tell ya why
& i cant yell ya where
Got goons in delaware
Knock ya head off ya shoulder
If you try to think im scared
Mane im soulja boy tell 'em
Bitch i tote the infrared
Got the tat's on my neck
Got the tat's on my chest
Got the super saiyan swag
Yes my goons off of nis
Mane you hoes talkin' down
But you really dont know
Gotta couple vans
Get your ass knocked off the globe

Verse 2

Gucci better louie kick
I cant even talk no shit
Young soulja boy
Im on the block
Im lookin' like 50 bricks
Walkin' like a walkin' lick
Talkin' like a chicken coop
Runnin' round my city
& my goons are on the fuckin' loose
2012 yes salute
Money sittin' in the booth
Drop top phantom
Converted to benteley coupe
Skin the lambo truck
For the brand new audi doe
100 milli dollars got me walkin' like
Shawty low
Walk in side the studio
I promise imma get it in
50 kick shawty
Soulja boy im bout to bring em in
Drop top lick i fliped into a benz doe
S.l. 56 sittin on 4 (?)
Young lil dre
I done swag for the summer
Got the presidental lambo like
Im no obama
Im soulja boy tell 'em
Imma swag till im dead
If you didnt know
I'll put some money on your head
Got tat's on my chest
But i wont tat my legs
Got money on the purp
Yeah you heard what i said
If ya boys talkin' down
I might pour da infer red
Got my young boys with me
& he doing like simon said
If i tell him two words
Then he gonna make a move
Tell me whats a goon
To a pretty young dude
& i post on the block
& all my goons shoot
Young soulja boy tell 'em
Shout out to my troops...
Yeah they ridin' for the boy
& we swag to the city
Got 400 rappers
& the city fuckin' with me
Got my young boys trappin'
On the west side of atlanta
Got so many cars
I think im tony montana
Im connected to australia
All the way to alabama
Got the goons holdin' on me
Gucci bandana
I be walkin' in miami
With the louie on my sandels
Niggas hatein' on young god
Cuz he hot like a candle
Ak 47
Shootin' hit a hold un man tu
Hit yo momma & yo daddy
& they crying at your funeral
Man we shootin' up the funeral
Aint nobody even scared
Got the young boys with me
& they shootin' for your head
Young soulja boy tell 'em
I done tat my whole arm
Got 40 on my wrist
& i just rang da alarm
Got damn im on fire
Pull up in da benz
& i shited on the world
In the year 2010
The most songs in the rap game nigga