Live Life
Soulja Boy

Man I feel good.
My life consist of a lotta hard work.
I updated my flow, Now that's hard work.
Thank God for me.
Thank God for you.
Thank God for the world.
I gotta screw.
I glide so fly.
G-Five in clouds.
Above the world.
They love me now.
I'm very controversial
Just like Jerry Springer
When you see me in yo city gon in chomp them two fingers
Live life (Live LIfe)
My life (My life)
The life (the life)
Today (today)
Life life (life life)
The life (the life)
My life (my life)
Today, and, forever
I used to have dreams.
Of lettin my jewelry bling
Now i hit the scene deeper then a submarine
Man I'm in the game.
That shit you fathom it's so fake I never complain.
My destiny is great I'm destined for greatness.
I'm early in the morning my skills won't let me be late
So i will never fake my reality set in here.
I'm VIP Every night I hit the club with peers.
My life (my life)
is good (is good)
You life (your life)

Is fake man I swear I'm straight and I'm post up in the clouds
everyone around the world listen to me now.
I inherit the flow.
I deserve the crown.
I am the king.
So crown me now.
My skin is blessed.
Your sin is less.
The end is near.
My friend of fear.
My strategy here.
I got to plan.
I will withstand.
I will demand, a whole lotta millions and grand.
Circlin around the world similar to ceilin fans.
I accomplish my goals but the mission i done.
Every day I grind. This is not for fun.
I'm living my life.
I will succeed.
Driving down martin Luther King I have a dream.

The highest fleece.
My whip is leased.
No man I paid.
250 in cash
The louis is bay
And until the end.
I represent.
All of my people around the world. We have lost battles in our lifetime. But (but) we will not lose the war.