Soulja Boy

My name is young Soulja, but you can call me rich as fuck
i pull up in that lambo
god damn man them hoes are on me
im everything i love i sware im the hottest nigga spittin
you disrespect my pimp and ur ass bound to come up missin
3-deminsion my fucking bezzel bitch im on another level
soulja tell em i am the shit
your not the shit
you are a snitch, ha
im back on deck nigga check my fucking stats
SOD got fucking racks got fucking tats im dressed in black like
pow pow pow pow pow
you kno my fucking code name
SOD and guwalla mane
SOD got choppas mane
SOD on the block mane
make you back up with the bull shit
mane if you got the motha fucking choppa if u got it up on u
nigga you betta got pull it
like soulja boy tell em you motha fucking beast mane i pull up in that chevey and i hop up on the leeas
soulja boy tell em i dont pay no leeas
bitch im copping that cash and ill buy it real fast
real talk mane i get it for the low
shot out to my nigga LO 2 tha 4
SO till we go
SO to the 4
4 4 5 4 make a nigga hit the floor like, pow
soulja boy tell em im the mother fucking shit
all you niggas is some mother fucking bitches
yall nigga anit fucking with me
nigga tried to come and snatch my riches
real talk bitch im out the trenches
im hollain and poppin my colla
im poppin my colla im stacking my dollas
is soulja boy tell em we fuckin the models, pow
i'm poppin the bottles and my nigga u call and tell you want beef?
choopas to ya head now ya ass deseaced
real talk im offical fuck a referee whistle
talking off just like a missile
kiss ya bitch without no missile T O E
i kno these haters want me over but...
its not gonna happen
im hotter than ??????? blunt
release or you will see me on ur fucking ceilings
im soulja tell forever willing forever drilling
im riding you gold grilling
im riding you listen lieing
inside of the booth my nigga titan, ya
real talk brah i need that fucking gwuap up off of ya
SOD game pop the fucking bottle up! holla

Im the best rapper alive
when the best rapper retire
mane its soulja boy tell em and you can see it in my eye
disrespect my code and i promise that u will die
and i put that on my life and i anit never right
put it to the left put a choppa to his breath
soulja tell em im on deck
nigga wtf is next
check my fucking bezzel
fuck a shovel dont dig no grave
fuck a shovel dont dig no grave
mane they call me young b-z
why brah? cuz i make it look so easy
im the hottest but some people dont believe me
1 year they cant see me Stevie
no wonder i got so much guwalla
these niggas cant catch up im 20 years ahead of them
im on another level how many times i gotta say it>
you see my fucking name you hit that spot they gonna spray that.
yall niggas are still coling and dupicating and faking
nigga im on another level im me and just behaving
now you, you just behave before you get wiped just like a slave
soulja tell em he so brave and im repping tha damn A

do me a favor dont do me no favors